Hello, I'm Adroit.
I'm a Designer based in Hong Kong.


Adroit’s design adventure began as she moved from her birthplace, Hong Kong to London to proceed directly into second-year industrial design study at the Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in 2010. After graduation in 2013, she came back to Hong Kong and started work as the Product Designer for over five years. She was able to participate in creating a broad range of products like from home electronic products to fashion apparel. She supported teams on various projects across research, brand development, creative ideations and design execution. Those opportunities allowed Adroit has cultivated a design sense to spend the last three years at XDynamics, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle startup to work on different projects. She believes that design is paying attention to details thoughtfully from research, development towards the target audience’s attention. Desperately having a keen awareness of the tiniest details, Adroit is excited to have her weekend activities with her camera. Through photography, it allows herself to do everything designed must be done with intention, through photo shooting practice, she self-training up to “Observe for the Gold.” Adroit believes life is either a great adventure or nothing. That drives her creativity engines and devotion to go beyond limitation.


As a child, I was curious about design, rather than a childhood spent time watching television. I was enthralled by the creation of my toys – using whatever materials were available to me in the home. With supportive parents who worked in interior construction, I was in a privileged position to already have an eye for shape and form, and my passion quickly grew. I was soon encouraged to study the area of interior design. Later, this passion turned towards my studies, where I spent six years in design study both in Hong Kong and in London. I was privileged to work with and be taught by some of the best designers in the country. My skills has expanded from an industrial designer works on a presentation into branding, visual commercialisation, product design across to product photography. This multidisciplinary approach has ensured that I am an asset to my employers, offering keen insight into many aspects of the design industry.